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Constança Nobre's Illustrations


This is me and I look like this.

She looks like something that came out of a video-game: I like it ;)

Witches ;)

ihihih pretty girl and pretty cat

A lot of people have been playing “Create Your Own” and sending pictures of their dolls!! Create yours here:

Have you played my game yet? Here’s an how-to guide:

  1. Go to
  2. Open the book (first image);
  3. Choose Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Hair and colour: Create your face (second image);
  4. Choose your outfit! (third image);
  5. Turn the page and see your final work. Happy? Save you creation! (last image)
  6. You’ll get a printable of the doll you created with A BONUS ITEM YEY!
  7. Print your doll and build it up
  8. Take pictures and send them to me :)

Have fun!!!

Create Your Own.

"Create Your Own" is an academic project that I developed this year.

On this website you can play a dress up game where you can create a girl character with elements designed by me. When you save your work you’ll get a paper doll ready to print and build! Don’t forget to send me pictures of the paperdoll by email ( or on my facebook wall!

This Katy Perry inspired beauty is available at my etsy shop!

Mysterious girl wearing a cat mask, What are you hiding?
Available at my Etsy shop.

New mini notebook featuring a very cute and girly cat
available at my shop! :)

New Wednesday Addams mini notebook! Available in my shop!

Commissioned work for a bachelor party. The illustration of the bride was based on pictures of her, and applied on a badge and a shirt! The illustration of the bride’s friend was a character created by me and applied to badges to over the party guests. 

This was a really fun commission to work on and the client was really really happy with the final result :) 


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