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Constança Nobre | Illustration


so many words, so much work for school and no time for drawing :(


I got some new markers, yey! Did a self portrait of me on a bad day to test them :)

Sketch by memory from Robin (Teen Titans)!

Valentines <3

Commission to a Naruto fan!

The illustration ended up on a big blank pages sketchbook :)

My shop on Etsy has new items and pictures!

Take a look at it:


Guarda-roupa da personagem feminina completo. 
Para este jogo foram precisos mais de 216 desenhos de elementos diferentes!

The elements for a dress-up game I’ve been working on for college!

2013 is almost over, so here’s a resumé of my artwork, an illustration for each month!  

Another commission I worked for Christmas

Commission I did for Christmas.

I’m doing a giveaway with Zezling! on facebook!!
The prizes are a “Coin Gluton” big enough to fit anything you want (pencils, make up, mobile, etc) and one of my A6 notebooks. Both items are totally handmade by us :)

Here’s the RULES:

1. Share THIS image;
2. Coment on it;
3. LIKE both pages: mine + Zezling!
4. 25 de Dezembro is the last day to participate, we’ll announce the winner on the 26th!
5. You can share/comment the image on my page or on Zezling’s page but it only counts as ONE chance to win!

I’ve recently made a website for a class at Uni! One day I’ll upload these drawings I made for the front page in good resolution! ‘Till than, check the website HERE :)

"I am not perky" - Wednesday Addams

New pocket sized notebooks :D (A6 - 105 X 148 mm) These are so mini they fit on your purse or bag and you can take them anywhere! Can be used to draw, sketch, write, take notes. 

The notebooks are totally handmade with watercolor/sketch paper inside! The illustrations on the cover were previously handmade and are printed on great cardboard, basically it’s a print of an artwork, but on a useful item you can take anywhere :D

It’s like a print of the illustration but on a notebook!